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Top 3 scar treatment methods

Scar treatment approaches vary like the different types of scars themselves and the top 3 scar treatment methods for your average raised scars are not the same as the best scar treatment procedures you would use for acne scars, keloid scars, or even stretch mark scars.

Anyone who has ever been called “Crater Face” knows that acne scars are like pits in the skin, and make-up is not a solution as far as damage control goes in the self-image department. So many scar treatment advances have happened in the acne scar arena; dermabrasion is still popular, but for those with super sensitive skin, it’s not really the best option, so it’s best to investigate more of the gentle scar treatments available. Some topical cream products are suggested but if you read online review sites about those in regards to acne scars, you will see that the success rate is rather low. Many consumers are finding great success with the injection of fillers from a plastic surgeon. These plump up any pitted areas and can last for some people up to 2 years if done right. The up front cost seems steep and there is a bit of needle pain involved, but the these acne scar treatments take less than a half an hour to complete and the results can be seen in as little as a week. The cost is pretty lateral to dermabrasion, but for some it totally beats having their face sanded down, if you will.

Dermabrasion and laser resurfacing are two of the main medical contenders when it comes to the best scar treatment procedures available for ordinary raised scars. Sure they can be painful, humiliating and expensive, but many people feel that they see vast improvements by the second session, though the sessions have to be spread over months due to the down time required between. During that down time, many doctors feel that a good scar cream can pick up the slack and enhance healing until the next session.

Applying a topical scar cream at home can be done in lieu of medical scar treatment procedures, especially if one has super sensitive skin or if you are in no rush for visible results. Some consumers have mole removal scars, or tiny scars from plastic surgery that they prefer to address on their own, but even folks with bigger scars feel a topical scar product is the preferred choice.